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Water Conservation


Water Conservation

An adequate supply of high quality water has become a critical issue for the future prosperity of Texas. Booming populations have increased the demand on the state’s already limited supply of high quality water. In addition, seasonal fluctuations in rainfall and periodic droughts have created a feast-to-famine cycle in Texas. In the summer months outdoor water accounts for 60-80% of home water use. Using water more efficiently will not only save money, but also help protect the quality of life and the future of Texas.

Informational PDFs Related to Water Conservation

Water My Yard   (A program tool to assist you in determining the amount of supplemental water that is needed to maintain a healthy lawn)
Irrigation Watering Recommendations (based on weather as well as current and average evapotranspiration rate)
Water Conservation Tips (PDF)

Conserving Water Outdoors (PDF)
Mulch Saves Water (PDF)
Water Conservation (PDF)   (Seven basic Earth-Kind landscaping practices that lead to saving water)
Dual Flush Toilets (PDF)
Texas Water Resources Institute

Cycle-Soak Method of Watering Lawns: