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Texas Superstars Garden

Texas Superstar Garden

texas-superstar-garden-pixTexas Superstars are plants selected by the Texas Superstar® Executive Board with advisory input from the Texas Superstar® Advisory Board composed of Texas A&M University horticulturists, nursery professionals, growers, seed company representatives, county horticulturists, arboretum and botanical garden representatives, horticultural writers and landscape designers.

The plants selected have performed well across the state, are reliable and can be produced in sufficient numbers to meet consumer demands.

The DIG’s Texas Superstar Garden was established in June of 2008 to demonstrate the growth and blooming habits of as many Texas Superstar® designated plants as possible. To create pleasing planting combinations within the garden, select plants after considering their mature height, flower color, foliage texture and availability at local nurseries.

The garden currently includes the following plants:

Complete descriptions of these and other Texas Superstar® plants may be found at

Ilex deciduaPossumhaw or Deciduous Holly
Vitex agnus-castusVitex, Texas Lilac, or
Chaste Tree Vitex
Duranta erectaDuranta, Brazilian Sky Flower
Hamelia patensFirebush
Plumbago auriculataCape Plumbago
Rosa x ‘Belinda’s Dream’Belinda’s Dream Rose
Rosa ‘Nacogdoches’Grandma’s Yellow Rose
Rosa ‘Sunny Knockout’Sunny Knockout Rose
Tecoma stans ‘Gold Star’Gold Star Esperanza
Hibiscus sp. ‘Flare’Flare Rose Mallow Hibiscus
Hibiscus sp.’Moy Grande’Moy Grande/Texas Giant Hibiscus
Lantana x hybrida ‘New Gold’New Gold Lantana
Salvia farinacea ‘Henry Duelberg’Henry Duelberg Sage
Salvia leucanthaMexican Bush Sage
Verbena x hybrida ‘Blue Princess’Blue Princess Verbena
Coleus ‘SuperSun’Burgundy Sun SuperSun Coleus
Lupinus texensisTexas Bluebonnet
Lupinus texensis ‘Texas Maroon’Texas Maroon Bluebonnet
Petunia x violacea ‘Laura Bush’Laura Bush Petunia


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