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Submit Hours (Instructions)

MG Volunteer Reporting System (VMS)
BCMGA Calendar of Events, Member Directory
Revised 3.1.14
**Log-In (First time ONLY)**

1.  Click here to go to website to log in hours 
2.  At the bottom of the page, click on “New User/Password Problems”–this will take you to a forgotten password page.  Enter in the email address you provided for the BCMGA Roster.
3.  Click “Receive email to access portal” button.
a.  You will receive an email with a temporary password.  Copy/paste the temporary password.
b.  Go back to enter your personal email and Paste the temporary password.
4.  Once you have logged in, go in to the “Edit Profile” section.
5.  Change Your Password to something you will remember. (Note: It is toward the bottom of the page.  It’s a box that says “Change Password.”  Update any addresses, phone numbers & any other profile information.
6.  Make sure to hit the “Save Information” button at the bottom of the page.
7.  From now on, you will log in with your personal email and the password that you chose.

How To Report both Service & CEU Hours:

1.  On the left hand side of the page, click on “Add New Hours
2.  Enter an Event Description, Event Date, Apply to Project (drop down menu), and the number of hours.
a.  Note: There are TWO (2) categories for hours………………..
b.  Volunteer Hours ….OR…..
c.  Continuing Education Hours is listed in the Project section drop-down menu.
3.  Click on “Save Hours” at the bottom of the page.  You MUST SAVE your hours each time you enter or they are not reported.

*Note:  Attending BCMGA monthly meeting does not qualify as service hours, unless you are an officer or director and/or specifically asked to be on the agenda.
Travel to and from volunteer sites does not qualify as service hours.  Individuals may enter miles for personal records to be utilized on annual tax returns.

For information visit

Viewing Your Reported Hours:

1. On the left hand side of the page, click on “View Your Hours
2. You will be able to see each event you have added and can export the information in to Excel by clicking the “Create Excel” button for personal records.
3. MG Coordinator reviews reported hours and may request changes as required.

Events Calendar

This information is on the Homepage.  You can view Events on the Calendar by clicking the “Event Calendar” link on the left.

Note:  This replaces member calendar from  You can also view the Member Roster.  this is now the location for the current BCMGA Roster.  The Newsletter/Documents section has all of the MG forms, ie:  Reimbursement Voucher, Tax # orm, minutes, financial reports, etc.

Annual Volunteer Service Hours Project Categories
  • 25 service hours for Re-certification
  • 50 service hours for Certification
  • 6 CE hours for Re-certification

Adult Education:  volunteer teaches, prepares to teach or assist in teaching, assists at an educational event.

  • A volunteer prepares and/or presents a program as a representative of the AgriLife Extension Master Gardener Program
  • Performs an essential task regarding an exhibit, educational program, demonstration or workshop.
  • Provides education in 1-to-1 consult – site visit, diagnosis, problem solving.
  • Prepares published printed material – web, news article, publication
  • Clients Trained – report audience number, ie: 1 neighbor; 8 at Veggie Demo (Note:  When reporting hours, it will ask you for ethnicity of your contacts.  If you are unable to determine ethnicity, please use the “unknown” category.)

Fundraising – Plant Sale:   all preparation and actual event
Fundraising – Garden Tour:  all preparations and actual event
Community Garden:  the DIG
Media:  Website, publicity, television, radio, Facebook, blog
MG Administration:  BCMGA Board – officer, directors activity only
Youth/Jr. Master Gardener:  Support of a registered Jr. Master Gardener group, Extension sponsored youth program, ie:  Pizza Ranch
Continuing Education – Volunteer acquires/receives education:  at a BCMGA program, garden center seminar, guided tour at arboretum/botonical garden, state MG conference session, Extension Horticulture program.