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Landscape Irrigation

Much of the water used to maintain our landscapes is wasted through inefficient irrigation techniques and poor landscape design.   Water efficient landscapes, appropriately designed irrigation systems and good watering techniques are important elements of water conservation and responsible landscape irrigation practices.  Check city websites for watering schedules and restrictions.

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is one of the most effective means to water plants. It targets water directly to the plant, slowly without runoff.  Soil moisture remains relatively constant, water contact with the leaves is minimized; resulting in improved plant health.  Drip irrigation can reduce water loss by 60%, reduce demand on city water supplies, and save money on water bills.


An Introduction to Drip Irrigation (PDF)
Basics of Drip Irrigation (Presentation) (PDF 43 pages)
Low Volume Irrigation (PDF)


Cycle-Soak Method of Watering Lawns:

Tree Watering Tips: