Herbal Highlights – Survivors and Thrivers
Published: Sunday, 29 September 2013 14:46
Written by Donna Murray, Brazos County Master Gardener


After retreating inside all summer the welcome fall-like temperatures had me checking to see what survived and what shriveled.

Basil seemed to love the extreme conditions. ‘Globe’ basil, reseeded from previous season, ‘Cinnamon’ and ‘Thai’ basil all flourished. Left to flower, there was constant attention from bees.

Chamomile was added to the compost bin but will be replaced because I like it.

Chives – Garlic chives did well while the onion chives disappeared. Hopefully they went dormant and will put up new growth with cooler weather.

Horseradish was planted in a pot this spring. It has not been a lovely plant but I’m looking forward to harvesting and adding homegrown zip to foods.

Mints that threatened to take over planting beds saved me the effort of excavating them and took a dirt nap. Doing well are ‘Chocolate’ and ‘Habak’ Mentha Longifolia (narrow silver leaves) mints growing in pots.

Oregano had competition from the nearby basil but seems to be slowly making a comeback.

Rose – Earth-Kind® roses proved their worth this season and ‘Belindas’ Dream’ is in its fall flush of blooms with the cooler temperatures.

Rosemary was the hands down winner this year in my garden. It did wonderful and looked good all season.

Rue is still living in its pot and proving that it’ll survive most anything.Salad Burnet was a surprise seedling this spring and a refreshing green mound in the herb bed all summer.

Tansy has been a presence in the garden for years and took this season in stride. Cut flowers were added to a fall bouquet just this week.

Thyme Of the nine varieties planted this spring, two died, and six are recovering, but the ‘Silver’ Thyme was a bright spot all summer.




cinnamon, casil and garlic chives