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Garden D

Garden D

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This Diverse Fruit, Vegetable and Native Garden located off Highway 30 at 3198 Golden Trail, College Station, TX 77845 is the home garden of Mike and Wanda Vidrine.

Just barely outside the city limits, this small-acreage rural property is the retirement home of its owners and the second year to be on tour. A new addition of the pecan orchard adds interest. About a third of an acre is dedicated to fruit and vegetable production in raised beds with drip irrigation. Variety is the key to this garden with many species being grown throughout the year.

Existing native plants were saved for the landscape, as much as possible, during home construction. More native and adapted plants were added for informal gardens all around the home. The gardens continue to evolve as the owners see what works and what they like. Part of the property is also left as a meadow for wildflowers. It’s obvious that gardening is a serious passion with these two.

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