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Garden C

Garden C

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A One-Acre Urban Eclectic Garden is located at 904 Francis Drive College Station, TX 77840 and is the home of Judy Warren and Peter Hugill. This is the only garden with handicap access. This garden is situated on a busy street corner and is College Station Historic Home # 46, formerly the Cecil and Mary Lake Culpepper Home, built 1941.

The one + acre yard demonstrates the power of landscaping to transform an open expanse of grass into a sanctuary for people, birds and small creatures such as dragonflies, geckos, skinks and pets. Vitek and crape myrtle border the street, adding color and creating shade for neighborhood walkers. The interior yard features extensive borders of native trees, “soundproofing” shrubs, and colorful perennials with drip irrigation and mulch for water conservation and easy care. Several outdoor “rooms,” including a play area and pool enclosure, provide relaxing living spaces with complimentary aspects. A compost area provides for yard and tree debris recycling into mulch for the plant beds.

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